✅ Summary

Spring is upon us and we’re excited to share several big updates! We kicked the year off with a bang by acquiring an exciting company called Glimpse and launching the first Zoom App that automatically facilitates breakout rooms, hassle-free. We’re now in a closed-beta for twine for Zoom; if you’re interested in joining please sign up here.

On to the updates... This week we released several major improvements, including:

  1. 📱 twine on Mobile → join twine on-the-go from iOS or Android

  2. 🗺️ Tag your tables in twine for Zoom’s map mode

  3. 🚨 Keep an eye out for our Slack App to hit the marketplace!

  4. 💾 Duplicate rooms you’ve hosted in the past in one click! 😌

🎁 New Features

📱 twine is now available on iOS and Android, no app download required! Check it out on Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android!

🗺️ Available now in twine for Zoom: Add labels to tables in the map mode to create contextual and engaging spatial experiences, all within Zoom!

This is great for hosting topic-based convos, ERG/career fairs, internal team huddles, and more...

🚨 Soon: Keep your eyes peeled for our new Slack App to be released in the coming weeks.

💾 You now have the ability to duplicate past rooms, making it super simple to recreate past successes. Everything from room configurations, intro videos, and questions will be copied into a new room.

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

🪢 Small Group Facilitation → We’ve made several changes to our facilitation flow to make the experience run faster. Expect more updates to come.

😎 Want to skip a match? That’s cool - you can now leave the convo and return to the matching pool for another match.

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

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