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How team twine uses twine
Engage your New Hire with twine!
Engage your New Hire with twine!
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Joining a company remotely can be intimidating, bonding with new coworkers can feel awkward for both the new hire and current employees, twine can help! Enable your team and your new hire to get to know one another by using twine.

Here is a guide on how to design and deploy a new hire twine session.

  1. Survey your New Hire. Ask your new hire to share more about themselves and co-create a quiz for the team to take during the twine. We recommend 10 - 15 questions, check out this example if you need inspiration.

  2. Pick a time to twine that works for everyone. As a remote team we have a standing meeting every Wednesday, we use this time to catch up with each other and to twine. The more people that can attend the better!

  3. Configure your twine room. Give the room a fun name or a name that reflects the theme of the session. For example "Lunch on Lisa" or "How well do you know Lisa?". We recommend keeping the room open for 30 or 45 minutes, the guests per conversation less than 3 and the conversation duration short, 5 or 6 minutes.

    The question configured for this room should reference the quiz you created.

  4. Get your new hire involved. Each twine networking session comes with a custom intro video, get your team excited about meeting with your new hire. Make your intro video fun by incorporating your theme and your new hire. Check out this article on What to say in an intro video and the below example from our most recent new hire twine.

  5. Incentivize your team. Everyone loves some friendly competition! Plan to award whoever scores highest on your quiz with something fun, a meal perhaps. We used hoppier to award our winner with lunch! More on hoppier here:

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